I've a weird bug on Debian unstable.

Some time, in some apps, text is unreadable. Look at this for example:

[[!img Error: Image::Magick is not installed]]

This will go away by itself, some time right away, some time after a forced redraw. What is weird is that all apps are not concerned: affected application are:

  • gnome-terminal
  • iceweasel
  • the awesome wm

immune application are:

  • Emacs (thanks to the church of Emacs)
  • Calibre and its ebook-reader
  • xterm? (I didn't test it for so long as other apps, but it seem to not be affected)
  • gedit (I once believe that the problem was somewhat gnome related, but if gedit is unaffected, this is not anymore gnome related, that said I didn't test it a lot too)

I don't even know where to report my bug...

After changing the VGA card, the problem disappeared...
Comment by remi Mon Jul 16 08:35:12 2012