Magit is an Emacs mode for interfacing with the git source code manager. The goal is to give access of most git feature from within Emacs.

Development is made on github. There you can dowload it, read the documentation and you can list known bugs, add new one, and you can contribute

Project related to xmms2

I'm a very small contributor to xmms2: a few commit, some bug report... I also wrote two client. They both are wrote in lua, using Emacs org-mode as a literate programming tool (sorry for the vi users...)


XmmsWeightedShuffle is a non interactive client, based on idea of "party shuffle". It maintain a playlist such that - there are (at most) a fixed number of song that just have been played and still are in the playlist. - there are (at least) a fixed number of song to be played after the current one, - when a song have to be added (after one have been played) XmmsWeightedShuffle will chose a new one at random. But all song are not equal: you specify different collection, that have different chance to be selected.


xmms-gtk-rater is a (very) small client made for rating song as you listen to them. You can also look for duplicate, and add songs to playlist (but you cannot remove them...)


lagn is an xmms2 client wrote for Emacs. I don't use it anymore, but it seem there are user, it's simpler than GIMME, and as such might be of interest.


I did participate once to ludumdare, the result is ludumdare