I'm trying to install Debian GNU/linux on my new ASUS G752VM-GC006T

So what I've discovered:

  • It's F2 to have the bios, and in the last bios section, you can directly boot on any device.
  • It boot on the netinst DVD
  • netinst can't see the SSD disk
  • the trackpad doesn't work
  • after successful install, booting on the fresh install failed. I had to use the recovery tools to install nvidia non-free package to have debian successfully boot.
  • I mostly use sid on my computer (mostly to test problem, and report them). It was a bad idea: Debian stopped to find its own disk. adding pci=nomsi to the kernel option fix this.

So I've a working linux. My problem are:

  • I still can't see the SSD disk from linux
  • I cannot easily dualboot:
    • linux can't see the SSD where windows is,
    • windows boot loader don't want to start Debian, because it doesn't want to,
    • at least, the bios can boot both of them, but there is no "pretty" menu
  • the trackpad is not working.
  • 0.5 To feel small today...

And the question is: where to report those bug.

First edit: rEFInd seem to find windows and Debian, thanks to blackcat77

Okay, now I can change my backlight: I had to add acpi_backlight=vendor
Comment by remi Sun Oct 16 22:06:33 2016
Do you mind to add an entry about your install in https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Asus ? Thanks!
Comment by Anonymous Tue Oct 18 14:02:23 2016

My cursor was sometime invisible. This could be related to #755050. The solution could be:

 dconf write /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/cursor/active false
Comment by remi Tue Oct 18 14:18:33 2016