For some time, I was looking for a way to change grub default entry for only one boot. I want to tell it that next time it should boot the entry 0, and the time after that, use the usual default (the entry 1).

Founding documention for this is not as easy at it should, and the information on the debian wiki wasn't clear enough for me to understand.

So I edit the wiki page to make clear that grub-reboot also available for those using grub2, and that it will only configure the boot, but not reboot the computer itself. As each time I wrote some text in English, I'm not sure my version correctly transmit my meaning.

By the way, I'm changing my blog. The old one contain a post on my search of a solution for this. Thanks to stbuehler and Jochen for the indication leading to the correct solution for this.

Thanks also to Vadim Solomin for a patch to make pm-hibernate notice the configured method for shutting-down the computer.

Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super hlpeful.
Comment by Birdie Sat Aug 27 08:46:07 2011
A bit surprised it seems to simple and yet uesful.
Comment by Jacki Sat Aug 27 19:33:33 2011