Ludumdare 35

For the Third time, I've submitted a compo to the ludumdare. So I've a new game (source available on github).

Some note about the technology used:

  • this is a javascript/html5 game,
  • using the phaser framework.
  • Code has been wrote using Emacs and js2-mode,
  • tested with the python -m SimpleHTTPServer http server.
  • Sound:

    • sfx is mostly recording of real life sound, edited with Audacity, but I've also used labChirp (inside wine...).
    • Music is done using Bosca Ceoil.

      Next time I will try lmms.

  • Graphics are using aseprite (mostly) and gimp (very little)
  • Level has been created using Tiled

Most of those tool are free software, Exception are labChirp (we have no source), and Adobe Air/flash that is used by Bosca Ceoil (but Bosca Ceoil is a free software).